FNATIC Clutch 2 Gaming Mouse Review

fnatic clutch 2 gaming mouse

FNATIC are back at it again, and this time, with a completely refreshed look into their new Clutch mouse. The second iteration is still filled with all the love and goodness that we experienced with the original Clutch, but it almost seems as if all components have been upgraded to provide a better gaming experience, not just for eSports players, but casual gamers too.

The FNATIC Clutch 2 is made primarily from plastic, to keep the weight down. On top is coated in a smooth tough plastic shell, while the sides have moved away from smooth plastic in favour of micro-dot rubbery material. Grip for me is solid, as it’s big enough to use a palm grip, resting the centre of my hand just above the FNATIC logo on the back. There is a secondary FNATIC logo on the left which is full RGB and matches up to the centre scroll wheel in terms of lighting patterns.

In terms of buttons you have your left and right click which are now using Omron D2FC-F-7N switches which are identical to the original model, and offer up to 50 million mouse clicks. Travel distance on each click is large, but solid enough to five you sensory feedback, knowing you’ve definitely clicked and also reduces miss clicks. On the left side again are two thumb buttons which can be utilised in-game as well as a scroll wheel. The button underneath the scroll wheel cycles the three profiles, set up inside the FNATIC software.

The base has a lot more character now, as it’s covered in the FNATIC orange plastic. When sitting on your mouse pad, it leaves an orange circumference which I think looks quite stylish. You’ll also find an updated Pixart 3360 sensor over the older Pixart 3310 which was used on the original. This gives you up to 12,000 CPI over 5,000 CPI of the original 3310. Why anyone needs 12,000 CPI though is beyond me, as it sees the mouse flash across your screen. The mouse has an overall acceleration of 50Gs, with a polling rate of 1,000Hz.

I paired the mouse with one of the FNATIC Focus mouse pads too, and the surface made the mouse really glide accurately, and also looked quite good on my desk, having a FNATIC setup under my hand. The mouse pad comes in several sizes, from medium (380 x 290mm) to full sized desk mats. It has a 3mm thickness which keeps it very low profile, especially if you’re like me who sees your forearm using the mat as a rest. It has a soft cloth surface too which is perfect for tracking mice accurately.

I am already a fan of the FNATIC Clutch series mice, as evident from my original review, and things have not changed here when it comes to gaming performance. The mouse was able to track all movements flawlessly, especially when playing games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and other fast paced FPS shooters. Having a mouse with the ability to smoothly track across the screen at a very fast speed is a true advantage on our favourite MOBA Heroes of the Storm too.

fnatic clutch 2 gaming mouse

When it came to the driver, I made the mistake of downloading the original Clutch mouse software. This is not compatible with the Clutch 2 mouse. You need a software called FNATIC OP. What was annoying is that this software was moderately difficult to find, and am not sure why FNATIC haven’t updated their driver pages to link through to the new FNATIC software, or at the very least, add a link to the FNATIC Clutch 2 web page. The OP software is in early access right now, and was a little buggy with changing my settings. But it is very nicely laid out and simple to read and understand.

With the exception to the early access software issues I was having, this mouse is pretty much still, in my opinion, one of the best gaming mice out there. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with the way this mouse feels in my hand or the performance during gameplay. I would however, have liked to have seen the second middle mouse button return, as I always say, the more the merrier, especially when it comes to gaming mice. For more information, please head over to the FNATIC website.


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