Juice Pop Out Speaker Review


It’s been some time since we last checked out any products from Juice, but they seem to be pumping out new products all the time. Fresh out the factory is a new range of speakers that ‘pop out’ to release their sound. Aptly named, Pop-Up & Pop-Out, these Bluetooth speakers are the latest from Juice and we got sent one to try out. The Pop-Out speaker includes Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 10 hours of playback and a 6w output. Let’s ‘pop’ it out the box (sorry) and see what its like.

It’s nice to see Juice haven’t changed their form of packaging, as this was also a positive for me. The speaker comes in a clear, rigid, acrylic case, fully protecting the speaker from any potential knocks and bumps during transit. Within the packaging is the speaker and a microUSB cable for charging.


The speaker itself is triangular in shape and constructed from plastic, with a matte black finish throughout the body. To each end of the speaker is a brushed metal finish, with hints of glossy black, which makes for a nice overall aesthetic. On the top of the speaker is a single button, which when you push, releases a speaker either side, or ‘pops’ out. The mechanism is very crude & a little clumsy, and it’s slow to release. Once the speakers are out, you will see on the back of the right speaker are the controls, mic input, aux in and usb slot for charging. There is no on/off switch, but when the speakers pop out, a blue indicator light appears, so I assume by releasing the speakers, they also turn on. To close and turn off the speaker, you need to manually push both sides together, as if you’re squashing an empty can of Coke in your hands.


Set up is easy, when the speaker is on, you can pair your smart device to the speaker and start to play music. The speakers included are quite small, 3″ maximum size with a total of just 6w across both. It isn’t much and it shows. The sound quality isn’t bad and can be quite enjoyable, but it doesn’t blow you away. Quality is good at the low to mid volumes, it then becomes slightly distorted at the higher volumes. I had this on for about an hour or so, listening to a mixed playlist. It was fine, it did the job for background music, but I think that’s as far as it goes. If you’re looking for something to get the party started, this isn’t it. This is more for chilled music in your bedroom or lazing around by the pool on holiday. I’ve personally never used the handsfree, speaker phone option on any speakers, but I always try them, and it works perfectly fine on this.

The ‘Pop-Out’ retails at £35, as does its counterpart, the ‘Pop-Up’ and for that price, it’s not a bad purchase, and I recommend mend it for around the house, on the go, low volume background music. These are not yet available on the Juice website to purchase, but I’m sure they will be soon.


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