There’s a market for slim cases. Thin bits of plastic or rubber or metal that sleekly wrap around the rear of your phone which doesn’t impact the thickness of modern mobiles. They probably won’t give your phone much in terms of impact protection, but scratches certainly won’t get through. It’s easier to get your phone into your pocket too. That’s what Sleek | Innovation are doing with their new Base Grip Case.

The entirety of the Silk Innovation Base Grip case is made of rubber. It’s bends and folds which is great as a skin for the rear of your Samsung S8. There’s a stiff plastic surround of the lens hole to give that some added protection, just incase the phone falls on the lens area. The entire rear of the phone including the sides will be covered. There are cut out holes at the bottom for your headphone port, charging cable and even a cut out for a speaker.

The case is soft to touch, yet has this grainy texture to the rear of the case which enables you to hold your Samsung S8 securely in your hand. We didn’t try and use this case for any kind of drop test, as there is no way a phone would survive a drop from a comfortable holding height. Think waist height. We didn’t want to risk it. But, if your phone is jiggling around inside a bag, or even sharing a pocket with a set of car keys, it’s likely to survive some potential scratch damage.

So the Silk | Innovation Base Grip case is pretty stylish. They’re available in two colours, black and blue which is really tying in with their branding if you look at their other cases on the market. If you would like to know more on the Silk | Innovation base grip, you can check them out online now.