I’d like to welcome you to the new X2 T6 PC case – really does follow a typical standard approach, but feels incredible to touch and has no sharp edges. It will take up to an ATX motherboard, and with some modicum of cable management available, I would opt for a modular power supply.

The graphics card room seems too small for the giants of the market, but for everything at least approaching standard, there is plenty of space. So, some stats. It comes with a 120mm blue LED fan on the front, and there is room for another.

More room on the side for two more, and another on the back. Cooling will not be a problem unless you plan to operate this next to a kiln in full swing. The tower itself is amazingly strong, even with both sides off, and the controls are on the top, so no leaning down too far to switch on if it is on the floor. USB 2 and 3 on the top too.

Inside you can fit three 3.5 inch drives, a couple of 2.5 inch drives and an external 5.25 optical with a nifty snap-off snap-on cover. Lots of rooms for expansion cards as well, with eight slots.

The Dutch company X2 are turning out some fine products at the moment and we hope to bring some more to you soon. They are so confident all will be well with this case, there is a two year warranty with it. Cost at the time of writing is about £40, perhaps a little under.

The mesh look front looks delightfully elegant and really does seek to be discreet while quietly screaming quality. The thumb screws for both side panels are welcome, and they went on and off oh so easily, and not many cases can say that.

No sharp edges will preserve fingertips during builds, and looking at my finger, I am grateful for that.