It’s been a while since I’ve done anything too excessive in the kitchen at home, I make a lot of pizzas, the usual Sunday roast but when I heard about ‘Masha’, I thought “that’s versatile enough for a lot of dishes”. Masha is a handheld masher/whisk and with my new found motivation, I got one sent over to try out.


The Masha comes boxed with a hard-wired plug, instructions and an aerator attachment, but this might depend on where you’ve purchase it from. It’s advertised that this extra is available when purchased via Lakeland, here in the UK. This is a powered appliance, the power cable is hardwired and plugs directly into your 230v socket. The handle is covered in a grey rubber, it’s ergonomically formed, with the on/off push button to the front.

Moving down the Masha, there are two buttons which once pushed together, release the lower masher part for easy cleaning. Right at the bottom is the masher itself, a rotating green plastic blade, covered with a perforated protective cover around it. The plastic blade can be rotated, unlocking it and allowing you to switch it to the other blade.

The Masha is designed to mash pretty much anything, your potatoes, other vegetables, sauces and jams etc. With the additional aerator blade, it allows you to also whisk egg whites, cream and cake batters.

Overall, the Masha looks good, it feels good and as it uses plastic blades, it’s somewhat safer than some of its competitors with metal blades.



I used the Masha one three different things, potatoes, cake batter and cake buttercream. I used the standard attachment for the potatoes and buttercream (as the butter was firm) and the aerator for the cake batter.

I am hugely impressed with how well the Masha works, hugely. Using it firstly with the potatoes, it was an absolute breeze. It mashed them potatoes so efficiently, I was done in less than 30 seconds and there was not a lump in sight. Likewise, with the cake batter, it was some of the smoothest batter I’d ever seen and it was oddly satisfying to watch. To get a smooth finish, you need to lift the Masha up and down, while mixing your ingredients and you can see the mixture being pushed through the perforated guard and I found it very amusing to watch.


The handle sat nicely in my hand, it felt good and there was plenty of grip. It’s easy to turn the device on & off, plus it can be placed upright before, during or after use. As you can remove the bottom section of the Masha, it’s very easy to clean under a tap.

My only negative, albeit rather small, is there was a fair amount of wastage when I finished using it, especially with the cake batter. As the batter was thick, it did get stuck in the Masha and because of the blades, it was difficult to scrape any excess out. You can remove the blade or use a knife to remove the batter but it was’nt the easiest.


The Sensio At Home Masha is fantastic. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to clean and it performs exceptionally well. I will use it again and again, until I’ve run out of things to make. It currently retails for less than £40 and at that price, it’s a steal!