Imagine this scene. You’re riding a bike down a mountain trail at speed. You’re an adrenaline junkie, and you’ve got a GoPro strapped to your chest. At the end of your ride you check your footage and all you’ve got in the scenery in front of you. The GoPro has completely missed the front of your bike. How would anyone know you’re riding your mountain bike? A crucial piece of the scene missed.

The Boondoo acton camera mount can hopefully help you frame your images better. The Boondoo itself is a mid-way between the mount and the camera, and is able to move around in tons of different ways. It has a standard GoPro mounting system on the bottom, which is compatible with all GoPro accessories which is extremely handy.

It also makes the Boondoo pretty versatile too. To achieve the 56 different positions, the Boondoo itself pans, tilts and tilts some more. There are three different sections in which this small mount can move. The first is on the stem. It pans and clicks into place at various degrees. The second is the first tilt, which connects the stem and action cam case. This again can tilt and lock into place. And finally, the case itself can again tilt into various degrees. The nice thing here is the fact the Boondoo locks. There’d be nothing worse than bombing it down a mountain on a bike, only to find your action cam has slipped into a new angle.

The casing itself can house a GoPro Hero7 and the DJI Osmo action cam and they both fit nice and snug. We were sent both action cams to try out and the head of the Boondoo lined up perfectly with the action cams. The buttons on the case itself are soft enough to still feel a tactile bump when pressed. Again, useful incase you’re not in a position where you can check the camera itself to see if it’s recording. Even the front of the Osmo was still visible, as it has the useful screen for when you’re filming selfie shots.

The whole thing is extremely robust as well. It’s made from a Aluminium, Nylon and Stainless Steel. I would have no problem bashing this around while doing sports, or even slinging it at the end of a session in a kit bag. It’s not going to break. Even the fastenings feel nice and robust, with the chance of tightening or loosening the fittings with an allen key.

The Boondoo is currently being funded on Indiegogo which you can find here. I hope it reaches its stretch goal. It’s a fantastic product, and one that would suit any adrenaline junkie with an action cam down to a tee. You can find more information on the Boondoo here.