Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Earphones Review

Sennheiser are renowned across the globe for their high end audio equipment and we concur, we have tried Sennheiser products in the past and they have been excellent. They got in touch again and this time round, they sent over a pair of their Momentum In Ear Wireless Headphones for us to check out.

Sennheiser say “the new MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless combines sleek design, immaculate sound performance and take-anywhere mobility. This premium neckband headset made of luxurious, high-quality materials, offers exceptional hi-fi wireless sound assured by Bluetooth 4.1 and Qualcomm® apt-X™. With NFC for simple one touch pairing, an integrated microphone, and a ten-hour battery life, it is the perfect companion to mobile devices.” It all sounds very promising, so lets check it out.

Opening the box and seeing the earphones for the first time, I was a little puzzled. You don’t see many earphones with a neckband, a neckband which, wait for it…goes around your neck! Its all a bit foreign to me. That being said, these are a pair of pretty sexy earphones. The neckband itself is wrapped in real black leather, with red stitching, that colour scheme flows through to the ear buds and is finished off with hints of chrome. They feel and look like they have been constructed with high quality components, which you would expect from Sennheiser. The neckband is flexible and offers a little give to allow you to put it around you neck easily. Overall a very premium look and feel to them. A case is included with these earphones, to add that level of protection when not in use.

sennheiser_momentum_in_earThese earphones are wireless via Bluetooth, so you will need to connect them to your device before using them. As with any Bluetooth device, just pair the two items together and you will be ready to rock. Ive seen Bluetooth earphones before, where the battery is housed within the in line remote but Sennheiser decided against this and I can only assume this is due to the tech involved and the battery life. Battery life is quoted at 10 hours, which is decent for Bluetooth earphones. On the neckband, there are a number of buttons which allows you to operate the earphones. Buttons include power on/off, Bluetooth connectivity, play/pause, left/right for changing tracks & adjusting volume. The buttons are responsive and easy to reach. At the end of the same side as the controls, is the Micro USB port, which is used to charge them.

Wearing the earphones took a little getting used to for me. The neckband isn’t heavy but there is a weight on your shoulders, literally and it can be noticed. I typically associate earphones with active folk, the type that like to go for a jog or a session in the gym but after taking these on a brisk 30 minute jog, I wouldn’t use them again. The neckband jumped around a little, the earbuds came out a few times and I’m I wasn’t a fan of the sweat vs leather combo. That was my experience while running but my experience when I wasn’t, was far better. The earbuds stayed in, they were comfortable, I was starting to forget about the neckband and I was enjoying the music.


The moment of truth, how did they perform? Exceptionally well! The sound is rich, its dynamic, from the highest notes, to the lowest, a full bodied sound can be experienced. I hit Spotify and listened to some of my favorite tracks, plus some of those in the charts right now and the whole experience was very enjoyable. Crisp vocals, defined instruments and booming drums, makes for the perfect combination.

Once again, Sennheiser deliver a great sounding pair of earphones and even though I’m not totally sold on the neckband arrangement, I can learn to live with it. They currently retail at £169.99 and can be purchased direct from the official Sennheiser website.

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