Robots are interesting things aren’t they. They’ve been integrated so much into our lives that it’s becoming a little scary. SkyNet anyone? I joke, but still, intelligent sentient beings are becoming commonplace in certain industries. More recently in design, with the announcement of Joto, through a Crowdcube crowdfunding platform.

Joto has been designed to bridge the gap between technology and design. The creative robot is able to take an image that you have made on your PC, whether that’s just a text message or full blown piece of art, and draw it accurately onto paper using an ink pen.

The images are drawn onto a connected whiteboard. We’ve not been told if this is due to environmental wastage such as throwing bits of paper away, or because whiteboards are easier to use on the fly during business meetings, but it’s a wonderful idea all the same. And what more, the Joto robot can draw live on request.

So imagine you’re in some kind of design meeting and you luckily get an idea. You can create a quick sketch on your laptop of this so called idea, and then click a button to make Joto draw it there and then, displaying the idea to your colleagues in the meeting. It could equally be used in some kind of school classroom environment, with the teacher using her laptop to write what is usually placed on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

The company are looking for an initial $250,000 investment for a 12% stake in the company through Crowdcube. They want to be able to launch the robot across more channels and regions and to also develop the software behind Joto further. They want users to be able to share their artwork, gain social media updates, receive news headlines and have the ability to send private messages.

Jim Rhodes, founder of Joto, said:  “Most of the content we love is stuck on our screens, and as a result so are we. We are reimagining a world, where people can feel connected beyond the screen. This is an exciting first step in the exploration of creative robotics for the home. Not the type to be scared of, but the sort you’d love to put on your wall.”

** Update **

Joto has now started its crowdfunding campaign which can be found at

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