Remember Google Home? Battling face to face with Amazon Echo? Well, Google has just announced a new product, Nest Audio, which is the replacement for the original Google Home. I must have missed the memo but I didn’t even realise Nest was now under the Google banner! Keep up Nick, do better.

Although it somewhat resembles the original speaker, the new one looks a lot more impressive to me. Nest Audio comes in five colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, Sky and the all-new Sage. The overall design is sleek and minimal. It doesn’t include a display and may not have any buttons but it does have indicator lights to the center of it and most, if not all commands will be via voice control.

Typically, a bigger speaker equals bigger sound, but Nest Audio has a really slim profile—so it fits anywhere in the home. In order to maximize audio output, we custom-designed quality drivers and housed them in an enclosure that helps it squeeze out every bit of sound possible.


Google is stating the Nest Audio is 75% louder and has 50% stronger bass than the original Home speaker. Apparently Google compared the two, new & old, with measurements of both devices taken in an anechoic chamber at maximum volume, on-axis. The speaker includes a 19mm tweeter and 75mm mid woofer. There is also an EQ option now, which enables the speaker to automatically tune itself to whatever you’re listening to.

You will be pleased to know Nest Audio can be paired with the original Google Home for a multi-room system.

What, when & how? The Nest Audio is available to pre-order now, direct from Google for £89.99 and there is a discount offer if you buy two together. If you’re keen, it’s not a bad price day one but we’ve seen Google give away Home’s in the past, with a month’s trial of Spotify for £10, so if you’re not desperate, they will be cheaper closer to Christmas. It’s release worldwide on the 15th of October.

Pre order it at Google.