Divoom produces a number of portable Bluetooth speakers but they’ve also got a Pixel branch of the company, where retro pixel art meets speaker and it’s a lot of fun.

The Ditoo is a small portable Bluetooth speaker, complete with a colored, pixelated screen, in the body of an old school CRT computer screen and keyboard. It comes in six different finishes, red, black, pink, blue, green, and white. It comes in a hard plastic carry case, which was pretty cool and included a USB C cable for charging, some instructions, and some stickers.

The Ditoo looks ultra-cool, very retro, and will make a great addition to your desk. The display is 7cm by 6.5cm, with the speaker sitting behind it and a 6 button keyboard below. Working keyboard I should add, the looks, feels, and sounds exactly how you’d imagine and can be used to control it. There is a small lever next to the keyboard, another button that can be used, and then the right-hand side of the base is the power button, USB port, and TF card slot.

It is a portable speaker, although I personally wouldn’t chuck it in my bag and use it outside, but you can, as its 90x114x121mm in size but does weigh just over 500grams, so it’s not lightweight compared to some speakers. It includes a 3000mAh integral battery, which should last you upto 8 hours, or at least that’s what’s being advertised. It’s completely wireless and it connects to your smart devices via Bluetooth 5.

It has a single speaker with a total power output of 10watts and includes a dual passive outlet at the rear. You can play music either via Bluetooth or by inserting a microSD card in (old school). I’m quite impressed with the audio quality produced. It’s very loud but it’s got a bit of punch behind it too, which is needed and I can feel it vibrate my desk while I’m typing this. The speaker sits on four rubber feet, so it’s very secure and not shaking along the desk. It is just one speaker and very directional (up) and you’ll notice a change it quality when there’s an object reducing the projection of sound from the top.

Connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth is seemless and it will remember the connection if both your smart device and speaker are on.

So what else can it do, other than be a portable speaker?

Within the Divoom app you can select hundreds if not more Pixel art creations to display on the screen. Still or animated, people around the world have turned some of your favorite gaming/cartoon characters into art that you can display on the screen. This happens in real-time to, click a gif and it will instantly appear on the speaker, so you can see how good it looks and whether or not you want to save it. Not enough? You can create your own too and it’s very easy to do. Your smartphone becomes the display, you can drag your finger across the screen or tap on a single square, change colours, add effects, you can get very creative with it and its great fun. The display is 16×16 pixel size, 16 million colours with 256 programmable LEDs.

Play games, yes, it’s a mini retro games console and four games are available including Tetris, Magic 8 Ball, Dice and Snake. If that isnt enough and you love your music, there is a DJ mixer/producer option within the Divoom app. The games are actually really fun to play, they are classic and although things like Tetris were around before I was born, I can appreciate it’s a classic and I played it growing up. Likewise with Snake, when that came included with a Nokia phone, mind-blowing stuff. Games play really well, they look good and controls are easy with the keyboard. The only thing I would say when playing is the angle of the display isnt great. Sitting at a desk and playing, the viewing angle is poor unless it’s arms length away. I found it better to hold the speaker like a phone, using both thumbs to control and using my other fingers underneath to tilt the display up.


The Ditoo is also a digital clock, alarm, it can remind you on tasks and also display the weather. It can also push social media notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp too. Ditoo provides a visual notification to remind you of an upcoming event, message or call. You can also record voice memos, upto 60 seconds long and includes voice changing if you wanted to have a laugh.

I love the Divoom Ditoo, it’s exactly what you want on your desk at home or at work. It’s a great little speaker, the visual notifcations and gifs in general make me happy and when I get a 5 minute break, there a few games to pass the time.

The Divoom Ditoo is available now in a variety of different colours for just £69.99 and I couldnt recommend it enough! To find out more, head over to the official Divoom website.