Samsung Q900R 8K Television At IFA2018

Samsung q900r 8k television

Samsung at their press conference at IFA 2018 unveiled their new 8K television. The TV, known as Q900R QLED 8K TV will feature all of the top specs expected with their new QLED TV range.

The television is also specced to hit a maximum of 4,000 nits which is their top brightness level, making HDR content look absolutely phenomenal.

There is also some really neat Quantum Processor 8K AI upscaling technology involved with the Q900R too, turning your content from set top boxes, streaming services and even mobile mirroring content into a glorious 8K image. How this works and how it will actually look remains to be seen, but hopefully we will be able to give you some more information on that over on our YouTube channel when we attend IFA this weekend.

It’s one of the first consumer market televisions to be able to hit that kind of resolution, and we’ve heard that it’ll cost under £20,000. Okay, that’s a whopping price for a living room television, and you have to remember that 8K consumer footage like movies and streaming services are a distant future. It’s definitely a model for someone who would like to future proof themselves.

The Samsung Q900R will be availabe from mid-October and be featured in sizes from 65″ to 85″. Televisions in the living room are getting bigger, while people are still sitting the same distance away from them. So the more pixels in an image, makes it harder for viewers to actually pick out individual pixels on the screen, offering a more immersive window into the content displayed.

For more information, make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to check out our video content from IFA2018.

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