Ruumi: Airbnb-meets-Tinder For Renters

Finding property to rent is never easy, especially in London and I should know. Countless times I’ve booked a viewing for a property only to be told moments before that the house has gone. Or finding your perfect apartment on RightMove, only to find out the advert has lied and led you to Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. Sound familiar?

This is where Jack Archer, founder and creator of Ruumi has stepped in to rectify the problem. Ruumi is a social networking app directly aimed at renters in London. It connects you to everyone who has a profile on the app matching up your personalities and habits with likewise minded people so making your house hunt more bearable, and with hopefully awesome people.

The young entrepreneur comments “Looking for a place to rent is a stressful, time-consuming effort. From spending hours trawling through property listings that are no longer available or don’t quite fit the bill, to arranging countless viewings, only to find you have nothing in common with the housemates.

“This is where Ruumi comes in; the site matches you to compatible housemates, and great places, from the offset. And just like Tinder, you only start chatting when you’ve matched – so no wasting time messaging people who aren’t interested.”

Jack has used AirBnB, the popular room finding software as a base model, commenting on its simple design and heavy customer focus. Ruumi sounds like a fantastic idea, encouraging people to speak to one another before meeting and moving into a property, because of course there would be nothing worse than finding out a potential housemate is a fan of snakes or something after you have signed the paperwork.

Find me a flat please Jack? Regards, a very desperate homeless student.