Print your Smartphone Images With Kite

The smartphones of 2015 have some pretty amazing cameras on them. So much so, artists and photographers are using them as tools in their professional work. Check out the Bentley ad, shot on iPhone 6s and edited on iPads. Pretty cool huh?

The industry is starting to recognise that everyday budding photographers want to do more with their images, rather than just keep them on their 5.2″ screens. They want to be able to print them, to fill their houses with unique artistic takes on life.

This is where Kite comes in. Available for Android and iOS, Kite lets you instantly order a photograph via a supporting photography app. Prints come in a number of ways. You can get your image printed on the back of your smartphone case, a canvas or framed picture and even postcards. Kite offer a huge range of options so you can keep a physical copy with you.

kite app 2

What more, you can choose the material your picture in printed on like wood or acrylic. The app is totally free, and available on most handsets on the market.

Career photographers can even use the app as a tool to sell their artwork. Kite comes with a built-in analytical side so you can track your customer base and orders.

Kite already has a customer base of around 50 million over 57 different countries and this is growing. No more will your photos be stuck on a tiny screen. Bring them to life.


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