I purchased a Pure S3X not long ago, as a cheaper alternative to Sonos and was blown away by its performance and I was very happy I went down the Pure route. A key feature of the S3X was its built in battery, so I could move the speaker around the house or into the garden easily, while sound quality remained the same. Now Pure have produced a purely portable Bluetooth speaker (see what I did there?) that is designed around your traveling needs.

The Pure Voca is a battery powered, Bluetooth speaker that includes two 1.5″ full range speakers, with dual coverings to allow sound to come out of both sides. There is a total power output of 10W RMS, the battery is charged via 230v plug and one charge can last several hours.

The speaker has a premium feel to it, with its aluminum frame and sleek looks. It sets it apart from competitors with plastic exteriors.  There are buttons located on the top to control the speaker and/or your device, a power port and aux at the rear. As previously mentioned, there is a mesh covering either side of the speaker to allow sound travel from either side, but the speakers are facing forwards, towards the ‘P’ logo. At the bottom of the speaker is a very spongy, rubber base or stand you could say, which secures the speaker onto any surface well. The speaker is built with quality components, so as expected, it’s not the lightest Bluetooth speaker on the market but it is small and won’t damage your back if you carry it in your bag.

Setting up the speaker is very easy. Simply hit the Bluetooth button on the top and pair it with your device. There was no need for me to read the instructions and it connected to my phone instantly. There are of course instructions included if required. I own other Pure speakers, the S3X being one of my favorite, so I had high hopes for this little speaker and I was not disappointed. The sound produced is very clear, well balanced, with more than enough bass and it gets relatively loud, enough to fill a medium sized living room. Bass… there is quite a lot of it and it can’t be controlled. There is a distinct rumble when you get near the speaker and even more so if you pick it up. You fully appreciate why there is the spongy support on the underside of the speaker. That being said, it doesn’t impair the sound quality much and you wont even notice it on some of songs you listen to. Range from device to speaker is as expected and it starts to cut out at around 6-10 meters. You can also use the speaker for a conference call, which works great, if you ever desire to use it like that.

We have found it online for £59.99, forget Beats Pill, or anything else on the market for that matter, the Pure Voca will more than please you at this price tag. For more info, check out the official Pure website.