Watching paint dry. Watching grass grow. Playing Rock Simulator 2014. All pretty similar pastimes, probably.

At least that this new game in development could turn out to be.

Video gamers love real world simulators – it shows them a type of reality that some people experience away from a screen.

Take the amazing worldwide fascination with The Sims series, where people can run the lives of computer people.

Or farming sims, driving sims, management sims, theme park sims, all engrossing and somewhat complex.

Now we are faced with Rock Simulator 2014.

The people putting it together, Strange Panther Games, said: “For a long time, there has been one game missing from the market, a genuine rock simulator. I am here for you today to introduce you to Rock Simulator 2014.

This simulator is a rock enthusiasts dream. You can watch beautiful rocks in any location in the world. From grass plains to salt flats, there are dozens of hand designed BEAUTIFUL environments.”

So, there you are. Select your rock, and gaze at it endlessly doing what rocks love to do best. Just lay there and take millions of years to erode, so new rocks can be born.

It could succeed – Goat Simulator is doing quite well, but then that’s not quite a simulator, as goats don’t usually fly hand gliders or blow stuff up.

Happy gaming.