Libratone Loop Review

Most of us don’t invest in decent speaker systems. Why? Style. Many speakers take on a traditional style, usually a wooden box that sits on the shelf or a long floor design that sits next to your sofa. Not very attractive, and can take up too much space.

Libratone have now combined audio quality with style. Based around Scandinavian heritage, their new Loop system looks extremely attractive, and comes in a variety of colours. It can even be mounted. When hung, the Loop sits extremely plush to the wall.

Audio quality is great too. As I sit here writing this review I have Nero’s Welcome Reality album playing through it. I can hear everything. High frequency and low frequency sounds are blended nicely, and even at higher volumes distortion is nowhere to be heard. Bass levels are strong and pack a punch.

The Loop is a wireless speaker meaning no cables. The Loop works with a number of devices from Apple, Android and the PC market. Android and Apple users can use either Airplay or DNLA settings to connect their devices. Libratone have included their PlayDirect technology. This means that the Loop will make a wireless connection to a device without the need of a wirelsss network. This enables you to take your speaker wherever you go and still be able to play high end audio.

Inside it uses ribbon-based tweeters to produce its high quality audio. The round design ables the sound to be blasted in all directions bouncing the audio off of walls. It’s Libratone’s patented technology called FullRoom. It can easilly fill a room with music even on lower volume levels.

The free Libratone app can be used to enhance your audio quality even further. The app provides you with options to customise your audio experience to the room size and type of audio playing. It’s very easy to use and works reletively well.

If audio quality is important but want something stylish in one neat package, the Loop by Libratone is definitely a product to look into. Priced very competivively at £399.99 from the likes of John Lewis it is a great investment for any room of the house.

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