Roccat Noz Gaming Headset Review


A few months back, we tried out the Khan AIMO headset, which impressed us but now, there is a new headset. Roccat have released their new ‘Noz’ gaming headset, which is an affordable stereo headset from the brand, with a retail price of just £59.99. It’s a good price, but what will the build & sound quality be like? Let’s find out.


Look & Feel

The Noz is an over the ear gaming headset for both PC & consoles. It’s black in colour, with a mix of matte & gloss sections, patterned fabric earcups & headband, and very subtle branding. It’s a plastic build but does have a metal headband for added durability. The headset has plenty of flexibility, to the point where I thought I may have snapped it. The headband is padded, as well as the ear cups and covered with a breathable fabric, which is meant to stay cool during long sessions. The headset is incredibly light at just 210grams.

The headset comes with a flexible, detachable microphone, allowing you to position it how you please. There is a single button on the headset, which is mute & un mute your microphone, plus a rotary volume knob. The headset comes hardwired, but the cable is 2.5m in length, which should be enough for most people. Within the box, you get a 3.5mm dual jack adapter, in case you’re not rocking the traditional pink & green.

Tech wise, each cup has a 50mm Neodymium magnet driver, with a frequency response of 10-20000Hz, 60ohm impedance and max SPL @ 1kHz:112dB. The microphone has a response of 100-10000Hz, sensitivity at 1kHz of -40db and signal to noise ratio of 58dB.



All things considered, the headset performs very well. This is a stereo headset, so you don’t get that simulated surround sound found in more expensive headsets. That’s not to say it doesn’t sound good, because it does. Audio quality is clear, with enough punch when something blows up in game. Pinpoint accuracy is OK, I was able to hear certain sounds from the left or right, like an enemy approaching, but I’ve also heard more accurate. Volume is good, it can get rather loud while retaining quality and the in-built volume controller does the job. The cushioned ear cups do a good job to help isolate external audio, which is great.

The microphone works very well and is very clear. After reviewing some recorded audio from myself and feedback from friends during games, it was positive. Audio quality or loudness can change each time you use it though, as the microphone is bendy and doesn’t stay in one spot. This could be an issue if you have preset levels/set up etc. The mute button on the headset does the job.

Lastly, the headset is very comfortable to wear. I used it over a number of sessions, for 2 to 3 hours at a time and had no complaints. No pains, no aches, no over heating with head about to explode.


The Roccat Noz won’t blow you away but for the price, it’s a decent headset, that’s worth a purchase. Audio quality is good, it’s compatible with PC & consoles and it costs just £59.99. Some concern over its build quality, it’s very plastic’y and the buttons feel somewhat cheap when using them. Other than that, I enjoyed using & wearing the headset over the past week.

For more information & to purchase, check out the official Roccat Noz webpage.

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Would We Recommend? If you're on a budget, yes.

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