Roccat Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review

roccat khan aimo gaming headset

It’s kind of rare, especially for us at TechNuovo who don’t often get a pop at some of the very high end headphones, and when we do, we cherish  and remember the sound we hear. Saying that, when I first put on the Roccat Khan AIMO gaming headset, and played a game of Battlefield V, I was a little speechless, when playing certain games.

The headset sports a built-in, high-fidelity 24-bit 96KHz DAC, something that enables audio to be separated like no other headset I’ve used in the past. It uses pretty large 50mm diameter drivers to push out audio too. It’s also capable of playing back Hi-Res audio sources though in terms of gaming, there isn’t much that’s really taking advantage of that kind of audio quality. Music though you have streaming service Tidal, which is expensive compared to Spotify, but so worth it if these headphones are going to become your main audio source at your PC.

Hi-Res audio for those who aren’t sure what it means is audio with sampling rates of at least 96 kHz and a bitrate of 24 or greater. This pretty much means anything higher than CD quality audio. They also have a frequency response rate of 10Hz – 40KHz which is nice and wide compared to the usual 20Hz – 20KHz we see usually. It means that even though games you’re playing aren’t coded with Hi-Res audio, you can still get some pretty wonderful audio playback.

Its surprising however to see that the actual build quality of these headphones are somewhat lacking. Roccat have still used a somewhat plasticy finish to the device which does cheapen them a bit as well as some faux leather for the ear cups. Sure it’s comfortable to wear, but just lacks the premium touch you might expect from something that actually sounds so good. I would have liked to have seen a bit more padding in the headband area, just to cushion the weight a little more effectively.

The RGB lighting which reacts to the newly introduced AIMO software inside the Roccat Swarm driver does make these shine beautifully though. The AIMO software has been designed to work with other products in Roccat’s AIMO range like mice and keyboards, to sync up the RGB colours you decide to display. We’ve tried it with the Kone AIMO and it does look good. Next step for us is to get one of their keyboards for the full package.

If you can get past its cheaper build, then picking a pair of these up to jump into gaming would be one of the biggest benefits to your setup alongside things like refresh rates and input lag on your monitor. Audio is important when playing games like Battlefield V or Overwatch, as you need to know where the enemy is coming from. I promise you, you will never feel more immersed into your games when playing with the Roccat Khan AIMO gaming headset. For more information head over to the Roccat website.

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