Are you security conscious  while on the go? Of course you are. You don’t want to lose your belongings while travelling from A to B. Which is why the Riutbag R15.3 – pronounced riot – is probably going to be for you.

The most interesting thing you will find about the Riutbag R15.3 is the fact that it opens from the back, so when you’ve got it draped over your shoulders, no one can actually get to the main pocket very easily without actually removing the bag from you.

Which is also one of its downfalls too. Because the whole back of the bag opens, it makes it nigh-on impossible to get to something crammed at the bottom of it without having to take everything out that’s on top. No slipping your hand in the side either like you would on a traditional backpack.

There is a secondary pocket on the back which is padded for smaller items. It’s padded as it’ll have to sit on the small of your back so it’s there for comfort. On top is another pocket for small items, and this one the zip is protected by the pretty hefty handle on top.

Inside the main compartment are a few sections that separate out your stuff to save anything from getting scratches. There’s even a laptop pouch which could quite easily hold my 15″ HP laptop. There’s no padding inside this pocket though which I didn’t like. Makes me not want to take anything too expensive like my Macbook without some kind of padded laptop sleeve.

The shoulder straps are incredibly thick which makes it comfortable to have it on your back for longer periods of time. Unfortunately though, something I wasn’t keen on is the fact the straps are so stiff due to their thickness. It didn’t take a natural curve of my shoulder very well. Also, the lack of padding on the shoulder strap made it very slippery to carry to.

There is an included chest strap that you can use to secure your two shoulder straps together, but because I am of a larger stature, the chest strap ended up under my neck. I wish this was a lot lower. The included waist strap helped, but was an added extra and didn’t come with the bag. There are also reflective rings you can use to make yourself more visible at night for your own protection.

The Riutbag R15.3 is definitely the way to go if you want to keep your belongings as safe as possible while on the move, especially if you’re walking. But for larger people out there, the shoulder and chest straps you may find you’re having a bit of a problem. The bag retails for around ¬£119 and can be found on the Riutbag website.