Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse Review

It’s quite rare that you see a product last for over a decade, but that’s exactly what’s happened to the Roccat Kone AIMO mouse. It started off very plain looking, seen many iterations throughout the decade and has now landed on this beautiful looking LED light show of a mouse.

There’s no escaping that the Kone is a lump. But the nice thing is the fact it’s pretty curvy, so has no problem resting against your entire palm. There’s a cutout on the left hand side where you can rest your thumb and also find the Easy-Shift[+] button to activate your macro keys. In that same area are also two wide thumb buttons which are fully customisable inside games.

Being white too gives this mouse a sense of cleanliness while it’s sitting on your desk. It’s certainly a refreshing change from the usual black look. And paired with the other white AIMO products Roccat produces, makes your setup feel fresh and premium. Shame monitors aren’t following this white look fashion. Now, what’s AIMO you ask? AIMO is what Roccat are calling their intelligent lighting system, and on the Roccat Kone, it’s VERY bright which I actually like. Your hand glows as the light shines through it. What more, the AIMO lighting will actually react to the apps and games you use on your computer as well as usage. If you’ve got several Roccat AIMO compatible products, then the lighting system will be universal across the board.

Button layout is pretty much on point, with the exception of the scroll wheel and DPI adjustment buttons. The scroll wheel in my opinion needed to be further forward, giving room to the adjustable DPI switches to follow suit to save such a crunch of the fingers to get to them when in-game. Roccat use their very own switches here, which will give you roughly 50 million clicks before blowing out.

On the bottom, Roccat are using their Owl-Eye sensor which has a maximum DPI of 12,000 which is huge. You can save multiple DPI options in the Swarm software if needs be. But from default it’s usually from around 400 at its lowest, right up to around 3,200. You are able to get some very nice smooth pans and movement with the Roccat Kone AIMO, especially in something like Battlefield V when playing as a sniper, and you need to pull off those sweet head shots. There’s also an adjustable polling rate ranging from 125Hz right through to 1000Hz.

I definitely enjoy my time with Roccat products, I think they’re built incredibly well, albeit a bit plasticy, but still have some decent quality behind it. It’s a shame the Swarm software kept crashing and causing issues, because it’s a decent bit of kit and opens up a whole world of customisation options. The lighting effects on top are bright and in your face, and colour schemes are done extremely tastefully like the silver logo accents you can see on top. These should have been RGB too though I think. Overall, for a mouse you can find online for around £69 in the UK, it’s definitely one that can contend with the likes of the SteelSeries Rival 700 and Razer Mumba.


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