Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition Review

Following on from their Colour Edition Pure mice, Roccat have released their new military editions. They come in three different styles; naval storm, desert strike and camo charge. They have also released new mouse pads alongside them to give your desk some flair.

I received a naval storm model through and decided to set it up on the test rig right away. My first impression was that it was incredibly light. This gave me a huge advantage in gaming when sliding the mouse around the pad, which in all honesty was a dream. The Roccat Kone Pure worked unbelievably well with the naval storm mouse pad.

The Pro-Optic R4 sensor inside was definitely helping too. You can manually adjust the dpi settings from 50-5000dpi with a polling rate of 1000Hz. I fired up Call of Duty to test this and play as a sniper. When using my scope I could manually drop the dpi to a lower setting to give me more accuracy. When on the move I adjusted it back up so I could quick-turn if enemies came from behind. I always felt in control of my game.

The Roccat Kone Pure also boasts optimal scanning with up to 30G acceleration and 130fps.

The Distance Control Unit lets the software manually adjust the lift-distance of the optical sensor.

One of the highlights of the Roccat Kone Pure is its Easy Shift functions. This function lets me hold down mouse button five, which is a side button, which gives me access to more mouse buttons. As an example, mouse button one becomes mouse button six and mouse button two becomes mouse button seven and so on. It gives me more control of my game from the mouse rather than having keyboard commands which I’ll have to stretch to get to.

There is a small on board memory to be able to store your macros and settings so you can adjust for the game you’re playing.

The Roccat matching mouse mat, the Sense is huge so you will never run out of space, even on the lower DPI settings. Its 2mm thick and extremely comfortable to rest your wrists on while using the mouse.

The Roccat Kone Pure is a great mouse. It comes with a full range of exciting features to enable you to have a smoother gaming experience. It also lights up too, with a colour of your choice.

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