A little over a year ago, we checked out the Pure Siesta S2 clock radio, Pure have now given this an upgrade with the S6. We got one sent to the office, so let’s check it out!

– DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio – Listen to your favorite DAB, DAB+ and FM stations
– 40 Station Presets – Quickly select up to 40 DAB/FM stations of your choice
– Alarms – Wake up to your favorite radio station or a tone alarm
– Bluetooth – Play any music wirelessly from your smartphone
– CrystalVue™ Display – Auto-dimming display that won’t keep you awake at night
– Headphones Out – Plug in your headphones to enjoy private listening
– Sleep Timer – Put your radio into standby after a set time period
– USB Powerport – Simple bedside mobile phone charging

So what’s been upgraded from the S2 to the S6, other the its appearance? You can now have 4x the amount of radio presets, there is now Bluetooth and also USB charging. Subtle changes but I can tell you now, the USB charging is very beneficial and I use it on my alarm clock a lot!


The S6 comes in both graphite grey or a white finish. We got the graphite version, which is a mix of shiny satin grey, rubbery dark grey highlights and black. The colour combo works for me.  On the front of it is a large, mirrored black display, which when powered, displays all the info. On the top of it are the buttons, several buttons in fact, maybe too many buttons? But with these buttons you can control the S6. The single speaker is also located on top, with a perforated grill covering it. Underneath and to the rear, is the power input, USB port (single) and the headphone port. Overall, I like the shape, size and look of the S6, it will fit nicely on my bedside table and should suit most modern decors. Inside the box you get the clock radio itself, power adapter and instructions.

If you have used a clock radio before, you will know how to set this one up without the need for instructions, they all work in a very similar way. Being DAB, it will automatically tune the stations and update the time so you get the most accurate time.

I’m most interested in its sound quality and now that you are able to connect your phone to it via Bluetooth, it needs to sound good. I’m happy to say it does! The S6 is a small form package, with a small speaker but that being said, it definitely packs a punch and is more than loud enough to wake up to. Standard alarm beeps are optional! Is it any good for a stand alone speaker? Yeah, I’d say so! Hooked up to my Spotify account, some of my favourite songs sounded great. I wouldn’t suggest this as a ‘party’ speaker, but very enjoyable around the house.

I like that you can charge your phone via the USB port over night, though feel they could have added at least another port, I’ve seen competitors with two or three USB charging points. I also like that you can set up to four alarms. There’s been very few instances where I’ve need four, but I have, and at least this way, every eventuality is covered.

Overall, the Siesta S6 is a solid clock radio, with a top quality sound and some useful features. It currently retails at £129.99, which is on the steep side. For further info and to purchase direct, visit the official Pure website.