Lootcrate are a worldwide trend setter in monthly subscription ‘loot’ packages, filled with geeky and nerdy goodies but are they worth the money? What do you get inside the box? How much does it cost? Have no fear, we will deliver the answers to these now!

Lootcrate has been around for some time now and I’m fairly confident they were one of the first to offer a monthly subscription service for a box of ‘goodies’, aimed at the geeky, pop culture, tv/movie fan base. I remember when getting a magazine subscription was a big deal, this beats that hands down! They have expanded, they now offer several specific types of loot box, making it even more exciting.

Options & Prices (monthly rolling contract):

LootCrate | £24 – The original box, monthly theme, 4+ items & $45 value
LootCrate DX | £59 – The larger box, monthly theme, 5-7 items & $75 value
LootPet | £24 – A box full of treats for your pet (dog only at present), $30 value
LootAnime | £28 – Anime only products, 4-6 items, $60 value
LootCrate Sanrio | £39 quarterly – Sanrio only products (Hello Kitty), $75 value

From here you then get into even more specifics. There are a variety of gaming crates, including Minecraft, CoD, Fallout and TV/Movie crates including Harry Potter, Firefly and Star Trek. Need more? OK! You can also get Apparel crates which can include socks, underwear and t-shirts. Lootcrate has well and truly milked that cow!

The common boxes are on a monthly basis with some of the others available on a quarterly, yearly or one off purchase. Delivery is included in the price and they will be delivered straight to your door every month. Prices are reduced when you purchase a longer term – up to 12 months in advance – with 12 being the most cost effective.


What’s included? A t-shirt, that’s a definite, as you need to specify a size when you order but other than that, it could be anything! Toys, models, statues, other items of clothing, badges, stickers, Funko items! It’s a lucky dip, you won’t know until you open the box. I would say though, you tend to get one ‘big’ item and then a few smaller ones. Some boxes also have themes, so will help you decide whether or not to get that one.

Worth it? Hell yeah! It’s nice to get home to find a box of goodies, that you have no idea about and you should enjoy them. It is a lucky dip, sometimes you will win, sometimes you wont but that’s the gamble you take. I’ve tried a number of subscription boxes now, including My Geek Box and Marvel Collector Corps and Lootcrate is one that always entices me back!

£24 a month, £6 a week, it’s very affordable. For more info or to set up a subscription, visit the official LootCrate website.

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