Another box from Pure hit our desks, this time containing the Pure Elan E3 Digital Radio and boy does it look smart! We turned our radio off and replaced it with the Elan E3 and that’s where the story begins…

The Pure Elan E3 is a DAB digital and FM radio, that is available in a selection of vibrant colours including red, grey and blue. They all retail for just £49.99. There are several features included and they are:

  • 40 station presets
  • DAB, DAB+ & FM radio
  • Vivid colour TFT display
  • Aux in, headphone out
  • Clock alarm

The radio comes very well packaged in a sturdy box, no need to worry about couriers damaging it. Within the box is the radio itself, instructions and the power lead. The radio looks great! It’s got a colourful, wrap around back panel, with a brilliant white front panel. It looks very sleek, very modern and very well constructed. On the front is a variety of buttons, along with a 2.8″ colour display and the speaker grill. To the rear is an aerial, micro USB port, headphone port, aux in and power socket. There is also a back plate which once removed, allows you to insert batteries to power the device, making it truly portable. I really do like the way the radio looks and feels and I hope it sounds just as good.


Using the radio was very simple. As with all DAB radios, simply turn the device on and it will begin to search for radio stations and in a matter of seconds, you will have access to a ton of them. Navigating through the stations is made easy with the volume/select wheel and saving your favourite station is a breeze. The display is big enough to read everything you need and by making it a colour display, adds that extra touch of quality. I didn’t erect the aerial when tuning and managed to pick up every station I wanted. The radio does come with an alarm function, so you can set the alarm to the time of your choice and wake up with DAB awesomeness.


Sound quality is very good and what makes it even better, is it comes with six equalisation settings, so you can adjust the tone and make all genres of music sound amazing. Elan E3’s bass, treble and loudness can be adjusted to fulfil personal listening requirements. Swapping between Radio 1 and Radio 5, listening to the music and the sport commentary was crystal clear and very enjoyable. Now listening to the radio is great, I love it, but if you plan on using the Elan as a portable speaker, for your Christmas parties, there are more appropriate speakers on the market and this will not fill the room.

Overall, really enjoyed the Elan E3. If you are looking for a new radio for around the house or on the go, you need not look any further! The Elan E3 currently retails for £49.99 which I feel is a very fair price for the quality you are buying. For further info visit the Pure website.