I’ve sat there on multiple occasions wondering what to watch on Netflix. Yeah I know there is the suggested programs and movies tab, but none of them seem to really catch my attention enough to sink multiple hours into. Not becuse they’re bad, but because they’re not really my kind of thing. I’m not interested. This is where FilmFish really fits into the market. To aid you in choosing which film to watch on those cold evenings you’re spending at home.

FilmFish are a new cool way to be able to categorise your films, and gain real life recommendations on what to watch next. It’s basically a movie discovery app which has just been released to the world. What seperates these guys from the other online movie services is that they use real life film buffs, critics who have been in the industry for a long time and even proper actors, when they’re not shooting the next blockbuster hit of course.

FilmFish want to get away from the usual algorithmic recommendations, which is fantastic, because to tell you the truth, it sucks. Online services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others hold huge collection of awesome movies which are lost in the stack. FilmFish help you to stifle through piles of titles to find films that you would probably truly be into. And what’s better, FilmFish will also sync with your existing Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts so no need to start a new subscription service.

If you’re into your films then this is definitely the service for you. If you find yourself lost with what to watch online regularly like myself, then check out FilmFish. They’ll definitely sort you out. And with winter coming up fast, movie nights will definitely become more common around the world.


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