Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker Review


Poweradd are one of those companies you find on Amazon, selling a variety of electronics, such as power banks, chargers, headphones, speakers & smart lamps. The reviews they have received on some of their products is crazy, thousands of positive 4 or 5 star reviews! I’m hopeful that the bluetooth speaker they sent us, lives up to that reputation. They sent us the Poweradd Musicfly Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Let’s check it out.

Tech Spec:
Battery – Li-ion Battery 4000mAh/7.4V
Charge time – 8-10 hours
Playback time – 24hrs @ lowest volume
Speakers – 2x13w drivers + 2x5w woofers
Waterproof – IPX7 proof (splash proof only)
Built in microphone
Also works as a powerbank

The speaker comes in a cardboard box, with firm foam padding, to ensure it arrives safe & sound. Inside the box you also get a braided 3.5mm jack lead, a USB lead for charging the speaker and some instructions. The speaker itself is quite a chunk! This is mainly due to its robost looking casing, which is constructed from plastic, with rubber covering the outer center area. It’s got a fair bit of weight to it, so I wouldn’t say it’s that portable.¬† On the top of the speaker you have the control buttons, on the right hand side is a rubber cover, behind that is the aux input, charging input and USB output (powerbank). There is also a rope handle on the left hand side, which allows you to carry it by hand or clip it onto something. Either side of the speaker is a black grille, with the drivers/woofers to the front and air output to the rear, though its quite hard to tell. I believe it does come in different colours but the grey & black is the one we received and the only one available on Amazon UK right now.


Setting up the speaker was easy, turn it on and pair your device to the speaker via the power of bluetooth. If you don’t have bluetooth, you can manually connect your device to the speaker via the supplied 3.5mm jack cable. You can control the speaker via the buttons located on the top of the speaker. From left to right, you have the on/off button, play/pause, backwards/volume- , forward/volume+, call. Touch once, multiple times or hold down, with these commands, you can control pretty much everything. You need to charge/power the speaker via the microUSB port under the rubber flap.

Moving onto the sound quality and it’s actually pretty good! The speaker volume can be very loud, the quality remains at the higher levels and the overall sound is good. There is a nice balance of highs and mids, with enough kick at the lower ends. I listened to a number of my favorite tracks, all were enjoyable and able to fill a small room with music.

Remember, this is a splash proof speaker, it will be OK by the side of the pool and can get a little wet, it may even survive a shower, as long as its not constantly covered  with water but it most certainly will not survive if you fully submerge it into your fish tank, or similar body of water.

The speaker can also act a power bank, meaning you can listen to your favorite music, while charging your phone. You could even charge the speaker via the powerbank…hmm.

Overall, for the money, its a decent speaker. Pay a little more and you’ll notice the sound quality improve but your budget may not stretch to that. Yes it’s a little chunky and I think it’s made to look more robust than it actually is but it will withstand some knocks & bangs.

It’s currently available on for ¬£59.99 via Amazon. For more info, visit the official Poweradd website.

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