CURVE – The Easy Way To Spend Across Multiple Accounts

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How full is your wallet? I mean, you’ve probably got two debit cards right? Maybe a couple of credit cards for those cheeky purchases as well as some supermarket points cards – of course several of those – your gym membership card, and a Nandos points card. Sounds about right. Well what if I said you could reduce the amount of cards you carry with Curve?

Curve is a brand new offering to the market, and it enables people with multiple credit and debit cards to reduce the amount of physical cards they carry around with them. Curve is used with an app, which is available from the Android or iOS stores.

Once Curve has been downloaded to your phone, you can simply insert all of your card details into the app. From here, you can select which card you want to connect to your Curve Card. The Curve Card is a physical MasterCard. If you fancy buying your dinner on your credit card, then select the credit card in the app, then swipe the contactless Curve Card. To buy new shoes on one of your debit cards, then select back and swipe your Curve Card. It seems pretty simple to use.

What is nice is the fact that you can go back in time to change which card your purchase came off of. Accidentally bought a new TAG watch on your credit card? Go back in time and change where that transaction amount is coming from.

Overseas, there is only a 1% transaction fee too, so there’s no additional charges coming from credit card suppliers. And don’t worry about losing your card either. If this happens, then you can instantly lock access to your bank accounts by the Curve app.

All transactions are also streamed in one feed too, displaying each card and how much came off of that card and at what time. It seems really easy to trace, and means that you can say goodbye to trying to find a transaction on a long winded black and white bank statement.

I’m not sure if there is a way of tracking your bank balance, especially on the debit accounts, or whether it is just there to track your spending habits. This would be a useful feature because there would then be no need to carry around a debit card at all. If this isn’t a feature, then you’re still going to need to carry your debit cards and check them manually at an ATM.

The new Curve Card does seem to be a really good idea on paper. I can’t think of much going wrong to be honest with you, as security features seem to be in tip-top shape. I would like to get my hands on one though before I give a true opinion, but unfortunately there’s a pretty hefty waiting list to get one. So bare with us.

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