Polk Boom Swimmer Duo Speaker Review


Polk Boom are a new brand to us but after seeing images of the ‘Swimmer Duo’ in action, we were intrigued, so we got one to try out for you guys! The Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is a dirt, shock and waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a flexible tail and suction cup attachment. The possible applications if it is truly waterproof are endless. Let’s see how it performs.

Straight away I’m told on the packaging how robust the speaker is. It has an IPX-7 rating, which means it can go under water, up to three feet deep, for 30 minutes and still function. It is also completely sealed from dirt, dust, mud and sand. It’s rugged rubberised exterior is built to absorb knocks and drops. Strong claims that I will be putting to the test!


The speaker comes in a clear plastic tube, so you can see which colour speaker, and also gauge the actual size before purchasing. It’s available in black, blue, green and orange. Inside the tube is the speaker, a micro USB cable for charging the device and also its mounting attachments, a flexible tail and suction cup. Both the attachments screw into the base of the speaker and allow you to mount the speaker however you want. There are endless things you can mount the speaker onto, using either of these attachments.

The speaker is covered with a rugged plastic material, which gives plenty of grip when holding it. The speaker is almost a cone shape, with a wide bottom and slimmer top. The speaker is at the larger end, with a perforated grill to allow the sound to release. The other end is the screw for the attachments. There are four buttons on the speaker: power on/off, volume up/down or next/previous and Bluetooth connect. The buttons are push type and there is also a microUSB slot to charge the device (typical charge is 2.5hrs @ 0.5A).


Connecting the speaker to your phone or tablet is easy, simply activate Bluetooth on your device, turn the speaker on, hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker and then pair the two together. Sound quality is very good considering its small size. It gives out a very well balanced sound, with a surprisingly pleasant amount of bass. It also gets really really loud and almost manages to keep its sound quality at the higher volumes. You will not have a problem hearing your tunes while snowboarding down the slopes!

So its advertised as waterproof and it actually is! I fully submerged the speaker in a deep bucket and after ten minutes, I lifted the speaker out and it was still playing music. There are restrictions stated, so I wouldn’t push your luck and take it to the bottom of a lake! You can still hear the speaker when it’s submerged but its volume is dramatically reduced. However, take the speaker out and give it a little shake or a wipe to remove the excess water on the speaker grill, and its volume returns.

What I love about the speaker is that you can literally take it anywhere with you. The marketing videos from Polk Boom show exactly that, people paddle boarding, snowboarding, canoeing, mountain biking. It really can go anywhere. It’s waterproof, it should be almost indestructible, it sounds great and will wrap, hang or stick to nearly any surface! This is a big winner with me!

The Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo’s official RRP is £49.99, a very fair price for what you get and is available to buy from Amazon.

For further info, visit the official Polk Boom website.