Pioneer HDJ-700 Headphones Review


Pioneer produce some of the best audio equipment on the market and one area they have expanded in is their headphone range. Pioneer now produce a number of head and earphones and today, we got sent a pair of HDJ-700s. Yes, these are indeed marketed towards the DJ market and you’ll see how later on, but they are also advertised for general every day use as well. These are mid range headphones for Pioneer but at just under £100, I’m definitely expecting good things. Here’s some technical info:

Impedance – 45ohms
Output Sound Level – 105 dB/mW
Frequency Range – 5hZ -> 28,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power – 2,000 mW
Driver Units – 40mm dome type

First off, the headphones come in four designs – matte black, matte black with a gold or red strip, and cool white. We got sent a cool white pair and first impressions are good. Picking the headphones up for the first time, they feel robust yet flexible, lightweight and well constructed. They have a white matte finish, with hints of shiny chrome and brushed metal. Each earpad has thick spongy cushions, as well as a cushion on the underside of the headband. The headband is adjustable and one of the the ear pads also rotates, so you can keep one ear open while doing your thing on the decks.


Adjusting them to the correct size, when placing them on my head was very easy. Simply slide either or both earpads up or down. They are very flexible so I’m certain they will fit any size of head. They are very comfortable to wear, thanks to the cushions and after having them on for an hour at a time, they didn’t leave any red marks or cause any discomfort. It’s known that DJs leave one earpad off and pushing it to the rear of their head. I have no idea why, but I suppose there is some reason for it. However, this technique is so much easier with these thanks to a simple swivel.

The headphones come with a detachable aux lead; but what I found a little odd is the aux port on the headphones will only accept a 3.5mm MINI aux plug. Not a huge problem, but if you want to use a longer cable or replace it, you need to ensure you have the right size. The cable given, does clip into the headphones to reduce the chances of it detaching while moving and does come with a 1/4″ adapter. The adapter is screw on, which is a nice touch. The cable is 1.2m in length and is coiled.


The sound quality out of these headphones is superb! Crisp, distinct sounds, with plenty of bass, creates the perfect environment for many types of music, not just your typical DJ dance tracks. I listened to a number of my favourite tracks including some more post-hardcore stuff and they simply rocked.  They were so good, that I could easily tell the difference between a well mastered track, and one not so well. Not only are these great for music, but they are also great with movies. Listening to a bass heavy Micheal Bay film, I was immersed into the film and didn’t want to take them off. Sound isolation is very good, even though there is no active noise cancellation built-in. The cable is more than long enough to allow you to have your phone in your trouser pocket too!

The Pioneer HDJ-700 headphones are brilliant. Perfect for every day listening and I’m sure they are very good for the whole DJing thing too! Negatives? Not really! The mini aux jack and the amount of bass these produce may bit a little off putting for some but for a solid pair of headphones for sub £100, these are definitely a contender. For further info, check them out on the Pioner DJ website.

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