Playstation TV Review

The Playstation 4 sure did turn some heads when it was first shown back in 2013 and since its release in Q4 of 2013 it has been the front runner in the console wars, but it’s just got even better with the PlayStation TV.

In the box you get the Playstation TV, a power adapter, HDMI cable, three game download voucher and your instructions and warranty card. Setup is essentially two cables. Very easy to get started.

The Playstation TV is a tiny black “micro console” that will fit with any existing media setup. It looks great and is small enough to be hidden from view.

The main selling point of the Playstation TV is the Playstation 4 Link option, allowing you to play from another location providing you have a good stable connection. This may not be the best option if your looking to run thought a raid on Destiny or have an all out battle on Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare for example, but for general single player titles it is just fine.

Since its launch the Playstation TV has had a few updates. The latest brings remote play up to 60FPS at 720P When you consider that this is all remote it’s pretty good.

PSTV also gives you the option to play most of your Playstation Vita games on the big screen. I say most because some are still not supported

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