Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler Review

Aftermarket CPU coolers are quickly becoming the gaming PC norm. They now come in all shapes and sizes and even types. Some use conventional radiator systems, and others venture into the world of water cooling. Their designs are wonderful and look quite good through a windowed computer case.

We were sent the Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler to review and I must say it’s a product worth giving top marks for. Starting from the beginning it’s packaged really well. Inside you’ll find the cooler in two parts, the heatsink which needs contact with your CPU and a very large fan to cover the surface¬†of the heatsink. All screws are present as well as some thermal paste if you need to reapply to the processor. Cryorig supply their own C9 paste. Personally I used Arctic Silver as I know the product and works very well.

As the Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler is what is known as a top down cooler, meaning it’s very slim with the airflow going straight down onto the processor. It has six U-type 6mm pipes to distribute heat load in two directions for better cooling. Because of its slim size, the Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler completely covers your RAM memory meaning you need to take into consideration the height of your RAM sticks. If they’re too tall, the cooler simply will not fit. After measuring I would say the maximum RAM height you could get away with is 42mm.

Installation is relatively easy. You need to install a backplate first which holds two mounting bars in place. Securing the cooler to the mounting bars requires patients as once the cooler is in place, the screw holes are covered so requires a bit of fiddling to get the screws into the holes. Installing the fan on top is easy. You need four screws in each corner which are supplied. Once everything is screwed down one cable connects to the fan controller socket on your motherboard.

Temperatures unfortunately were not as cool as we were expecting coming in at around 65-degrees. However, an average Intel i7 processor under load can hit the 70-degree mark, especially on over-clocked machines so there is a large dip in temperature there. I didn’t find the Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler to be very loud either even at full speed. That may just be the sound proofing of my case but anyhow I was still happy with that. My case fans make more noise than the cooler did.

The fan comes in at 140mm and is extremely thin. The contrast of colours looks superb up against the white heatsink. It is possible to swap out the fan for a fan of your choice as long as it is of comparable size.

Overall the Cryorig C1 CPU Cooler is a well designed product, packaged extremely well, and very reliable. Setup is very basic although can be fiddly but that didn’t bother me at all. And for the price, you can’t really go wrong with this. You can find out more information on the eBuyer website.


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