Pioneer HDJ-X7 Headphone Review
The Good
  • Well constructed, premium feel to them
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Two cables, long & short
The Bad
  • Designed for DJ's, expensive for general consumers
  • Headband a little tight over a long period of time
3.8Overall Score

Known for their high end products, Pioneer has always been part of a thriving DJ product scene, manufacturing a number of headphones, speakers and mixers. Now, none of us in the office are DJs in any shape or form, but we do know a thing or two about headphones, and we try A LOT of them out. So here is our review, of the Pioneer HDJ-X7 headphones.

Opening the box for the first time, it oozes that premium feel, which is always a good start. In the box is a another box, which hols two different aux cables, standard and coiled, plus an adaptor, carry bag and of course, the headphones. The headphones are constructed in metal and plastic, finished in a variety of matte and polished black, have a padded adjustable headband, and padded ear cans that can be rotated anyway you wish. When I say rotated, you can spin the cans round for easier storage or flip either can on its back, so it’s facing outwards and not directing sound to your ear, you know, like the pro DJs do! There is a single jack socket on the left can, so the cable can be removed. Overall, the headphones feel very well constructed and robust, yet there is a good amount of flex on that headband, which should make for a comfortable fit.


The X7s are an over the ear pair of headphones, with newly developed, 50mm drivers, which I’m told give a clean monitoring sound at any volume. Also, both cables offer superior left and right channel separation enabling professional monitoring. They weigh just over 300g and have an output sound level of 102dB, with a frequency range of 5 Hz to 30 kHz.

I plugged the headphones into my PC and started listening to some music and I have to say, they sound really good! These headphones can go really loud and even at those unbearable levels, the quality is still good. The sound is crisp and precise, I can hear the smallest of details, which I guess is a good thing, as these are ‘monitor’ headphones. Bass, plenty of it.

pioneer_hdjx7At the beginning, I found them very comfortable to wear but over time, they felt a little tight and that comfort started to fade, perhaps this was due to them being factory fresh. These are on ear headphones, not over the ear and coupled with the plastic spongy surrounds, I imagine things could get a little sweaty if any vigorous activities were to occur.

Overall, a solid pair of headphones that sound good, look good and are practical, coming from a general consumer point of view that is. With a DJ mindset, I can see the quality and functionality of these headphones to be an asset and help with your performance.  They currently retail at £179.99, which is a little steep for the consumer market and cheaper options are available but in the DJ market, they are competitively priced. For more info, visit the official Pioneer website.

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