Pioneer DJ DM-40 Monitor Speaker Review


Pioneer, known for their DJ product department, offering a wide array of products for the very beginner of DJ’s, upto a professional level, today sent over a pair of entry level monitor speakers, the DM-40. They look like professional monitors, albeit quite small and at a retail price of around £130, will they sound any good? Let’s find out.

Tech Spec:
– 4″ fibreglass woofer / 3/4″ soft dome tweeter per speaker
– 21w power to each speaker
– Freq range : 70 – 30000 Hz
– Impedance : 10 kΩ
– Inputs = RCA + Mini jack
– Outputs = Headphone (mini jack)


In the box you get two speakers, a 2m speaker cable to connect the two together, converter cable (3.5mm to RCA), bottom cushion and instructions. Straight away, I love the look of these speakers, they look sleek and professional. They come in a black/very dark grey finish (white option available) and are quite small, which was a surprise.  They are constructed from wood (assume MDF), small enough for me to pick up with one hand and are not that heavy. I like the size, I think it helps if you are limited on space, which can be a problem once you’ve got the rest of your gear on your desk or table. The left speaker is the master, with the inbuilt amp, the right being the slave. That means the left speaker has the power and audio inputs, on/off switch, volume control and speaker out.

Setting up the speaker’s was very straight forward, simply plug in your device, via one of the supplied cables, into the back of the left speaker. For me, I plugged these into my audio interface I use for recording musical instruments, which is also connected to my PC & associated recording software. Yes, I’m not a DJ but I still require that high level of sound quality, to enable me to record instruments & accurately play those sounds back. FYI, these looked really good on my desk, either side of my monitor.


Onto the sound quality itself and I’m very very pleased with what I’m hearing! Crisp, defined high’s, rich mid’s and punchy bass. The sound is full, with plenty of volume, giving the illusion you are infact listening to a pair monitors twice the size and double the cost.

With that in mind and taking into consideration the price, build quality and appearance, these are a cracking pair of speakers for the novice DJ or music producer. They are small enough to fit on any desk and portable if you want to move them around. I would also recommend these for general use, be it as computer/laptop speakers or just to plug your phone into. Pioneer also offer an updated version of these speakers, which include bluetooth, if you are looking for that extra connectivity.

For more info and to purchase, visit the official Pioneer DJ website.

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