Philips 272P Monitor Review
The Good
  • Screen looks absolutely superb thanks to the colour reproduction
The Bad
  • Design look is off-putting
4.6Overall Score

This is the brilliant Philips 272P4 monitor, and it really is quite superb. Some may not like the styling, but be in no doubt, this is a fine workhorse for the professional and gamer alike. If you are just churning out letters and browsing the web, you could probably save a bit on the price at the time of writing of around £500 and a bit.

That is mighty high for the casual PC user, but for the pro, there is plenty to love. The company says this is a Philips Brilliance LCD monitor with PerfectKolor. It is a member of their P-line and this one comes in at 27 inches. BUT, and this is the main bit, it is what is described as Adobe RGB.

That means the colour is up in the astounding range. There is surely little better out there. The things we did with it didn’t really push the boundaries, but I can say the Philips 272P looked great. I also confess to dragging my feet over this review to enjoy it a little longer.

It comes with a PLS display panel with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution – that ensures you get to look at almost 80 per cent more pixels than a normal high def monitor. As you might expect from a monitor this expensive, it goes up and down, tilts and rotates to portrait. And all those motions are very smooth on this Philips 272P.

That hefty stand does make it jolly heavy. The controls on the front are touch, and with the markings so faint, turning on and off takes some practice to hit just the right place with your fingertip. But this is all about that matt screen, with built-in webcam, which does cut down on glare.

A nice little touch are the sensors at the bottom which will tell the screen to dim when you are not there – saves a little power on its average 37W. There are speakers too.

The Philips 272P, with its 6ms response time, does come with software for the pros to fiddle with to their heart’s extent to get the 178 degree viewing angle screen to look just spot on from the 16.7 million colours available. The Philips 272P should have enough connections with its two HMDIs, display port and DVI, plus audio input and headphones.

If you are looking for top notch quality, this Philips 272P could be the one for you. I know I loved my time with it, although it was just gaming being done, and they looking brilliant.

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