Higher, Lower Superbowl Edition

By now, the Higher, Lower game is well engraved into your Internet histories. Many have probably sat there for hours trying to beat their last high score.

Now, with the Superbowl coming up, the creators of the Higher, Lower game want to celebrate it in style. They’ve created a spin-off edition based on which American Football teams are the highest ranking in terms of Google searches.

The game first begins by giving you a name of a team, for example, the South Florida Bulls which was searched 4,400 times during 2016. You have to guess whether a random team or player, in this case Stephon Gilmore was searched more or less times than 4,400 during 2016.

Pretty simple really. If you get more than nine right in a row, then you end up being within the top 10% of players top scores in the world. An average score for players with the Higher, Lower Game is 3.2, which doesn’t seem high, but give it go. See what you get.

The game is free to play and can be found at this website. It can also be downloaded on your Android or iOS device from the various app stores.

Oh and for your information, I scored 10. BOOYAH!!

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