Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 Design Keyboard Review

So it isn’t very common that we take a look at what I would call a standard keyboard set up. But as a tech site, we love to look at all aspects of a particular market, especially when they’re presented so well. So this is why we’re looking at the Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 Design keyboard.

So first off it came inside a simple and plain cardboard packaging sporting the brand and model number on the front. It gave us a couple of specs, but none to really show off about. What was noticed is that this keyboard is small.It’s definitely been designed for space conscious  people or even those who want to carry this around on the move.

Inside you will find a small form factor keyboard made from a plastic material, giving off fifty different shades of grey. Okay, maybe not fifty, but each section seems to have been colour coded. The main keyboard is a light grey while the F keys are slightly darker. The top media function keys are housed within a black border to make them stand out too.

The keyboard lacks a number pad, which Bakker Elkhuizen do sell separately if required. Everything has been housed within an 11″ x 6.5″ casing which compared to my Roccat Suora FX on the desk, makes a huge difference.

It isn’t mechanical either, taking on more of a old skool laptop feel. We didn’t take the keyboard apart, but they definitely feel like a scissor-switch keyboard. The keys are very low to the casing, and the grooves between each key are very small, making typing a little complicated, especially if coming from a mechanical keyboard.

The Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 Design keyboard uses a USB type interface for seamless plug and play action. There is nothing really that exciting about this keyboard though, but it is completely functional. There are no flashy RGB lighting, no macro keys that can be applied using fancy drivers. It works, and does it well, as long as you can get used to the space between each key when typing.

For around £60 retail, although we’ve found it cheaper online, the keyboard is a little pricey. But for small form factor and functionality, you can’t really go wrong with what’s on offer here.