You’ve probably heard of San Diego Comic Con before now. It’s very well known, talked about by the masses and is the most popular Comic Con in the world. But let’s not forget about the others on offer! ECCC or Emerald City Comic Con (sounds magical!) hits the northwest of America next month and will host a variety of celebs, memorabilia and exclusives galore. The convention is held in Seattle, Washington, spread across a long weekend. Last year saw over 88,000 people, now that’s a lot!

What do we get when a Comic Con this big comes around? That’s right, Exclusive Funko products! Funko has just revealed what will be available at the Con and also what they will be limited to. Here’s a quick round up!

First up is Superhero Kermit Pop, Looney Tunes – Michigan J. Frog Pop, Peanuts – Peppermint Patty Pop and Scooby Doo – The Creeper Pop.

Next we have a Hikari: Power Rangers – Jade Megazord (GITD / 250pc LE), Rick & Morty – Buff Rick & Summer 2-pack Pops, Classic Green Arrow & Black Canary 2-pack Drobz and Emerald City Crusador (GITD) Pop.

There will also be a Hanna-Barbera – Hong Kong Phooey (3000pc LE) Pop Ride, Stranger Things – Eleven & Barb Pop 2-pack (AWESOME!!), Hanna-Barbera: DynoMutt Pop (3000pc LE), Hanna-Barbera: Blue Falcon Pop (3000pc LE).

Next we have Overwatch – Emerald Pharah Pop, WWII Captain America Pop (EVEN MORE AWESOME!), Star Wars: Muftak Pop and Spastik Plastik – Diablo in Green Suit Pop (3000pc LE).

And to finish off, there will be a Freddy Funko – Seattle Freddy Drobz (3000pc LE), Spastik Plastik – Green T-Bone Pop (3000pc LE) and Spastik Plastik – Carlos, Dino & Guappo Pop 3-pack (2000pc LE).

So that’s it! Not as many as last year’s SDCC but still, plenty to go around…or so we hope. The hot items will be Stranger Things, Captain America and that Freddy Dorbz, as well as the limited edition items. Some of these will be available outside of the Con and even over here in the UK shortly after the event. Prepare for sites like Forbidden Planet and Pop Cultcha to crash when they get released and just hope you manage to get what you want in time!

I have to say, I love that some of these items are a shade of green, to resemble the theme behind the Emerald City! If you fancy going or live nearby, be sure to check it out on March 2-5, 2017 in the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.