Phase One’s $50,000 Camera

I could think of a lot of things to spend $50,000 but I don’t think a camera would be at the top of the list, especially one that only shoots black and white, but then if you and I are thinking this way, then we’re definitely not part of Phase One’s target audience.

The high-end digital photography company have announced the IQ3 100MP Achromatic and its jam packed with impressive specs. The $50,000 price point is body only. But without a Beyer colour filter, Phase One claim the sensor, which comes in at a very tasty 101 megapixels can “focus purely on capturing absolute detail, luminance values and subtle tonal beauty.” This is shown by the images on Phase One’s site

Along with the 101 megapixel sensor mentioned earlier it’s also capable of snapping up to 52,200 ISO, built in Wi-Fi and a 3.2 inch tounchscreen. There are also a range of Phase One lenses to go with your new $50k camera.

Phase One also cover your camera with their five year warranty along with a five year uptime warranty, meaning there is a host of loan equipment available to you so you can keep working, even when your equipment has conked out. They’re also claiming their sensor is 2.5 times bigger than a DSLR, which is why the IQ3 can capture tonnes of detail.

If you want one, then you’ll have to book a special session on the Phase One website. Go check it out. If not, I suppose you could stick with a Canon 5D or Sony A7Sii. You peasants.

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