More People Than You Think Want To Bang Siri

When Siri was first introduced, I’m sure there were a plethora of people wondering what the smart phone assistant looked like. Well, for a company as pristine as Apple, minds began to wonder. Then Alexa came along, with that sexy robotic voice to remind you of your Mum’s birthday and to keep you company for when your house mates go on their long weekend away.

Well, does it surprise you that one in four of us want a bit of rough and tumble with our sexy digital assistants? How about the way that we picture them? Siri is apparently seen as a clean shaven man with a strong jaw and brooding brown eyes. Every woman’s dream apparently. But what’s funny is that Apple’s standard setting for Siri’s voice is a young American woman. Strange that we want to change our Siri’s voice to a dude’s. How many women own iPhones over men again?

Alexa on the other hand has what’s been called that classic “English Rose” look. Pale skin, long straight brown hair and the brightest baby blues ever. Woah, I’m getting flustered just writing this.

The people who were asked in Insurance2Go’s survey all gave pretty in depth descriptions of how Siri and Alexa look. Things that were comment on were Alexa’s button nose, her blue eyes and brown hair, while Siri was built as a man with striking dominance.

Key words that came out of the lengthy questionnaire was that Siri was handsome while Alexa was pretty. Someone even stated that Alexa would probably be “the kind of girl your Mum would like.” There were even some stereotypical professions assigned to the pair. Siri was that typical suited and booted businessman while Alexa obviously fell into the role of the sexy girl next door secretary.

Commenting on this phenomenon, dating coach James Preece said; “Firstly, vocal attractiveness is a very important cue to the brain. When we hear a voice we like, we automatically assume they are equally as attractive in real life. Studies show that we think of them as having more symmetrical faces and also that they are nicer people all round.

“Siri is also quite monotone, which many studies state makes a man more attractive. However, most of it is just about fantasy!”

Siri plays very hard to get at times

Duncan Spencer, Managing Director of Insurance2Go, commented on the findings: “It’s natural to put a face and personality to a voice, whether that’s from speaking to someone on the phone, or talking about AI assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

“However what’s really interesting is to see that the majority of Brits believe both to be physically attractive.”

So whether it’s loneliness or psychological feelings, there’s nothing more attractive than a digital voice that will serve us hand on foot just by asking it questions.

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