Party With Rally

Organising a night out in a city with your friends can be tough. Deciding on a time, meeting place and the most important thing, where to go can cause more grey hairs than it’s worth.

The new innovative app Rally is the first social networking program designed to combat those issues.

Rally uses a friends list system. Users can set colour coded statuses to mark whether or not they’re available for a weekend of partying. Green means go, yellow means depends where we’re going and red means no all together.

Friends can then organise a group to start planning their night by pinning notes to an interactive map such as meeting place and the path you can take on your bar crawl.

Statuses refresh every 24 hours to ensure they are always indicative of “tonight”. Users can even include hashtags to their statuses to highlight what they fancy doing. So is it #karaoke tonight, or maybe a #tapasbar?

“This is going to change the way people go out. It’s such a fragmented time of day with friends using multiple apps to accomplish seemingly simple tasks like finding out who is available ‘tonight’. Friends are often a part of so many groups [on social networking] that it becomes difficult to manage ” says Alex Ratner, CEO of Rally.

The app is currently in iOS beta and was first shown at the LAUNCH Festival


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