Photoediting App Enlight Set For Launch

Think Instagram but better. Enlight is a ground breaking photo editing app for your mobile phone.

Lightricks, led by former PhD students, have used the success of their former program Facetune as the foundations of this spectacular photo editor. Facetune has won a string of awards in the past including the #1 app in the photo and video category in more than 120 countries, and one of Google Play’s Best of 2014 so we’re expecting great things for the up and coming Enlight app.

Enlight is going to be using the LTEngine, an advanced visual processing engine for mobile to run the photo editing app.

“Nothing like Enlight exists on the market. In addition to upgraded versions of existing tools, Enlight offers new features that, until now, were only seen on desktop editing software, if at all.”  said Zeev Farbman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lightricks. “In some ways, we started Lightricks to bring Enlight to the world, because we saw such a huge gap between academic research and the technology being offered to consumers for mobile photo editing worldwide. Smartphones are bringing the highest quality cameras to our daily lives. It’s time the highest quality software in the field came to mobile, too.”

“Most great photo apps succeed because they do one thing exceptionally well. Enlight succeeds because it does everything exceptionally well,” said Dan Berman, founder of Mobile Photography awards. “Enlight is the first true Swiss Army knife of photo apps. You’ll want to keep it handy and use all of its features, all the time,” he added.

Enlight can be picked up from Apple Store worldwide under the photography section for around £3.99.

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