There are numerous Bluetooth speakers on the martech_badgeket at the moment but which do you choose? Heard of a company called Clint? We hadn’t either but they sent us over one of their speakers to put through its paces, to see if it’s worth checking out the underdogs!

Clint Digital is a Danish ‘lifestyle’ audio brand and has been manufacturing contemporary speakers for quite sometime now and their latest addition to the family is the Freya model. The Freya is a portable, WiFi or Bluetooth wireless speaker. Clint claim to offer great flexibility, ease of use and a room filling sound. We got sent the Bluetooth version and the results were promising…

Lets talk technical spec first:

– Size totals 100mm width by 215mm height
– Driven by a Class D amplifier
– Offers upto 6hrs portable playback via Li-lon battery
– Aux input
– USB to the rear to allow for device charging, playback or subwoofer upgrade
– Simple controls

The WiFi options include multiroom speaker set up, Airplay, Spotify and other streaming services.

The speaker is larger than some of its competitors but it does fit into your hand comfortably. This is due to its circular form and is relativity light. We got the dark grey version and the design is modern, elegant and looks great on any piece of furniture.

The speaker was really easy to set up. Once plugged in, I held the play button to turn the speaker on and heard a voice, the speaker was talking to me. A lady’s voice told me that my device was not connected so needed to connect my iPhone to the speaker. Firstly I had to make the speaker discoverable. To do this I held down the two volume buttons together for a short amount of time until I heard a voice confirming it was searching for devices. I then went into my Bluetooth settings on my iPhone and paired the two together. That was it. Very simple and the voice commands really helped assure me I was doing it right and is a great feature that I’d like to see on more tech products in the future.

I put on some well mastered and high quality music files and fun began. The speaker performs well on low and high volumes, the highest of volumes filled not only the room, but the entire office with glorious crisp tones and immersive bass.  There was a very high quality sound from the speaker, which released every level of musical sound clearly. I was hearing instrumental parts I hadn’t heard before through headphones or other speakers. I played a variety of songs on the speaker, from Rock to Classical over several hours and I wasn’t disappointed once.

Clint do offer an app for Android and iOS devices, but this mainly relates to the WiFi version. I did not need the app to play music from my device. I did play with the app for a while but was unable to fully benefit from it but it does allow for the use of third party applications such as Spotify and also allows for audio streaming from local NAS drives.