Panasonic are a huge company, well known for their premium electronic products. Today we will be looking at the HXS200 range of headphones. The HXS200 are a very affordable and fun set of cans, aimed at the younger generation. We got sent a pair, so let’s check them out.

First off, these really are affordable. They can be purchased online for as little as £14.99, so just keep that in mind when you read on.

RP-HXS200E-5The headphones come in a variety of colours and variants, so there is something for everyone. Colours range from a modest black version to a vibrant pink and white design. The headphones come well packaged so you can be rest assured they will arrive in one piece if delivered. There isn’t much inside the box, some simple literature and that’s about it!


The headphones are light and have foldable ear pads which make them great for on the go listening and storage inside a bag. The headband is easily adjustable to suit your head size and earcup placement. The headphones have soft ear pads, covering two 30mm drivers. They were very comfortable to wear as they were so light. The pads didn’t irritate our ears after long periods of use. They also come with a fitted, 1.2m, flat cord with a 3.5mm jack at the end.

RP-HXS200E-6As for performance, it was actually pretty good. For the price, I wasn’t expecting big things but the sound quality out of the drivers were very clean and true to the music being played. The sound is clear and can hit higher volume levels without losing too much quality. They are lacking in the bass frequency department though which I expected. I would have liked to have seen in-line controls on the cord to be able to skip track or change the volume levels but it wasn’t a deciding factor. Overall, a pair of comfortable and enjoyable headphones at such a good price, you will not be disappointed if you got these.

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