So What Is Panasonic’s 4K Pro Anyway?

Television manufacturers seem to be in an endless war over who has the best picture quality. In recent history of high-def panels, first came 1080p, they toyed with 3D, LED was seemingly a game changer and they also added higher refresh-rate panels for smoother motion. Now that we’ve hit the 4K age, where are televisions going to go now? 4K Pro of course.

Panasonic has come up with a superb piece of innovation to create even higher quality images from their 4K televisions. It’s called 4K Pro. It’s a piece of technology that in a nutshell heavily darkens the blacks and brightens the whites. This in turn makes every single colour imaginable pop with vibrance.

Panasonic are branding this ‘true to the director’s vision’. Inspired by what movie directors see on their extremely high-end editing monitors, the technology giant wants to bring this kind of technology to your living room with their 4K televisions.

4K imagery can already bring up to four times more resolution and detail than a Full HD 1080p panel, but that’s definitely not enough. Panasonic has combined their new Studio Master HCX processors with a new colour management engine as well as their new custom-built Wide Colour Spectrum panels to display image quality close to what was seen from the director’s chair.

HDR (High-Dynamic Range) plays a huge role in this process too. HDR technology boosts the contrast ratios of an image. Essentially it boosts the highlights within very deep black parts of an image on a television all the while keeping it the same brightness level you set on your television. This gives you as a user a much clearer more detailed image throughout.

For more information on this new cutting-edge technology, there is a video in the banner above. Alternatively, the video below will give you an insight into HDR technology. You can check out Panasonic’s new range of televisions here.