Today, we’re looking at the Pamu Z1, they’re a pair of TWS earbuds, pretty cheap, they come with noise cancellation and they look fun, thanks to the various colour options. Let’s have a look.

Tech Spec

  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Hybrid active noise cancellation (plus transparency mode)
  • App for EQ options and firmware updates
  • Wireless charging via QI dock
  • Gaming mode, low latency
  • Water resistance IPX4

Let’s talk about the case. It’s very small, it’s lightweight, it’s charged via USB-C and it has this little clear plastic tag to the right of it. Perhaps a little bit random, others have done it in the past, but this one also lights up and I’m all for that. This case comes in black, with some subtle branding but other colour themes are available.

As for the buds themselves, fairly similar to many others. Rubber tip that sits within your ear, into to the bud and then to the touch-sensitive stem. The stem is quite small and chunky, not something you see often but this does help with the touch controls, having a larger surface area of contact. Our buds are black and yellow, I think they look quite smart.


In the box, you get the buds, the case, a separate faux leather carry bag, a small USB cable for charging, spare/replacement rubber tips, plus some paperwork.

Out of the box, the audio performance was good and through the app, you can adjust the EQ to suit what you’re listening to. I generally stuck with the Rock EQ as it best suited the music I was listening too and they performed very well. Change the EQ on the fly, you can notice the difference which is also good. Bass is prominent but not overpowering, mids are balanced, highs came across as overpowering in some instances.

Active noise cancellation is included and it did help a little bit. Generally, with earbuds with rubber tips, there is a good amount of passive cancellation anyway and turning the ANC on did improve it a little bit. You can turn the ANC on/off by touching and holding down. There are voice prompts telling you which option you’re on.

I don’t generally game on my phone, more of a PC kinda guy but I do have some games on there as I generally play them while reviewing a product. Pamu states these are low latency and I’d agree, I didn’t come across any sound problems while gaming on my iPhone.

Calls, a lot of people take and make calls with earbuds in and I’m pleased to say the microphone and call quality with these was very good, no complaints either end. The datasheet is stating there are 3 microphones with the Z1’s, and I assume that’s 3 per bud, or one has two, the other one, I’m not too sure.


Battery life, Pamu is stating up to 24hrs total via the case, with up to 6hours charge within the buds themselves. I’ve not hit 24hours total, more 12/13 but so far, the battery life appears to hit those figures stated. The case does have QI wireless, so if you have a dock, just sit the case on it and away you go. Alternatively, use the provided USB C cable to charge.

I found the buds to be very comfortable. They’re very lightweight and found they sat nicely within my ear, all helped by the rubber tip of course. They’re secure, I can recommend them for jogging, cycling and alike, I had no issues with them feeling loose or falling out.

One quirk I came across, when you turn the earbuds on, you get a voice prompt stating so, but this is a Chinese accent, English speaking. However, when you turn ANC on/off, there is an American accent, English speaking, so we’ve got a mix of voice prompts. Quality control must have been off work that day.

At circa $69 or say ¬£55, that’s really cheap, considering the noise cancellation, the battery life, the positive audio and microphone quality. At this price, they will be hard to beat, so fair play to Pamu for delivering. For more info, head over to this site –