Hello! Welcome back to the channel and thanks for joining us for this weeks 180 tech chat. The past week has not been as jam-packed with tech as all the big players had announcements last. That being said, we’ve still got a few bits to discuss!

So Elon Musk has become the worlds richest man by some margin and what helped him take the top spot? It may have something to do with Hertz and their recent order. For those of you who haven’t heard of Hertz, they’re a global car hire company and they have just placed an order with Tesla for 100,000 Model 3s. Yes, 100,000! Hertz will pay $4.2bn for 100,000 Model 3s over the next 14 months, which amounts to about a fifth of its fleet. The rental firm will also build a network of charging stations as well. I wonder if Elon offered them any discount for buying so many…?

Next up, DJI announced a new piece of tech with the Action 2. It has an interchangeable and adaptive magnetic design that opens new vistas to make every video compelling, with unique tools to frame, shoot, and monitor a camera, featuring DJI’s expertise in stabilization systems. DJI Action 2 is smaller, more versatile, and more powerful than its predecessor, giving everyone the tools and the confidence to capture life’s adventures in crystal-clear 4K. As there are modules, you can build the camera how you want and prices will start at £349 here in the UK and includes the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Power Module, Magnetic Lanyard, and Magnetic Adapter Mount. All other accessories will be sold separately or as part of a bigger bundle.

Next up, Canon and they’ve announced something a little different, the PowerShot PX, a small, smart and friendly camera, which automatically captures high-quality 11.7MP images and 60p Full HD video. As part of Canon’s continued commitment to redefining imaging technology, the PowerShot PX’s smart features such as automatic capture of still imagery and video are set to reimagine how families capture memories. With this clever camera, families can enjoy the moment and still capture it, without having to stay behind the lens. This confuses me, it looks like an internal security camera slash baby monitor, but it’s neither and this is always on, always monitoring, tracking faces I assume to capture images. Oh, the price as well, a cool £449. Steep, I can’t see this being a huge success but who knows, it’s one to keep an eye on.

Facebook is renaming itself to Meta… Meta?! They’re aiming to become part of the ‘metaverse, a place for people to ‘work, play and learn’. The rebranding does little though to combat the constant negativity surrounding the social platform and the recent criticism that Facebook puts profits over users’ safety. A name change isn’t going to be enough to ditch the negativity though. It might also be a play to appeal to the younger demographics of the world who are starting to slowly move away in favour of other social platforms. It’s also a way for Facebook to bring in all of their brands, including their VR headset Oculus under one banner, though Oculus is also being rebranded by 2022 to Meta as well, so rather than the Oculus Quest, it’s going to be known as the Meta Quest as an example.

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