Set to be released in June, Microsoft have unveiled plans to release an original television programming system for their popular consoles. There are over a dozen projects already on the way says Bloomberg.

These will include a comedy show starring Sarah Silverman, a show starring Michael Cera and Robot Chicken creator Seth Green with a stop motion series.

Channel 4 are also getting a piece of the action with the co-production of Humans, a series which focuses on robot workers. It will share its screening on both Channel 4 and Xbox.

The new feature will primarily be focused towards 18 – 34 year olds said Nancy Tellem of Xbox Entertainment Studios, but I am sure it will appeal to everyone.

Another aim of the game is to have interactive features. An example is with the new series called Every Street United. There will be mini games to unlock new scenes. Talking about interaction, Humans will enable watchers to follow its characters outside the main plot of the show.