Before reading this, watch the video above. This is astonishing!

For a short while the 3D Doodler has been available on the Maplin website, but with increasing popularity it is now going to be sold in its stores from April 20. 3D printing is being used more and more. The 3D Doodler is used to create wireframe shapes. You do this by drawing the image in thin air. No software or computers are needed.

The pen can only work with special plastics. These are knows as ABS or PLA printing plastics. There are a few sheets supplied in the box, and additional rolls is extremely cost effective. Technology has enabled it to heat and cool the plastics as it moves through the pen.

So if you are an inventor, artist, or even want to show your creative side then this looks like it could be the product for you. It will be sold for around £100 in Maplin outlets.