Nokia Release ‘Banana’ Phone This Month


Nokia, the phone manufacturer that set the world alight, with its iconic ‘brick’ like mobile, the 3310, continue to try and engage with the smartphone market but thus far, most efforts have gone a miss, with them making very little traction. Their latest release, set for the end of this month, is the 8110, or better known as the ‘banana’ phone, but will anyone buy it?

At MWC this year, Nokia announced they would be bringing back the iconic Matrix phone, the movie where Neo takes the red pill and becomes a God amongst men. Anyway the Nokia 8110 will go on sale in parts of Asia at the end of May and is believed to cost about $80 or £70. It’s available in two colours, the original black and yellow, hence i’s new name. A worldwide release is expected to follow shortly after.


The phone itself features the following:

  • Smart feature OS powered by KaiOS
  • Dual Core 1.1 GHz CPU + 512mb ram + 4gb internal storage
  • 2.4″ curved QVGA display,
  • Slide down compartment housing a tactile matte keymat
  • 2MP camera with LED flash
  • 4G LTE
  • 25 day stand by power via a single charge via 1500mAH battery

The spec is low, when compared to many of the smartphones in the market right now but would you class this as a smartphone? The tech inside seems to far out dated, the 2mp camera will most likely look awful and will not do anything for your Instagram game! Nokia tried to resurrect the 3310 but that didn’t go down too well at all, will this be the same? Only time will tell!

That being said, there is just something about sliding the case down to access the keypad, and of course, snake is preloaded onto the phone!

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