Google’s Successful and Unsuccessful Projects

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When one thinks about the leading tech companies of the world, more than likely Google will be the one that immediately comes to mind. While their rise to the top did not simply occur overnight, the company experienced the same ups and downs as any business with not only their popular products but a few that didn’t go over quite as well.


Launched in 2004, users now prefer Gmail over other free email services. Gmail is not only the fastest service but also provides the largest amount of storage. Its integration with other products such as Google Docs and Calendar, have helped to further increase its use.

Google Buzz

When Google Buzz first appeared in 2010, it was an add-on to Gmail. The premise of Buzz was to provide an avenue for social networking, microblogging and messaging. Users were easily able to share links, photos, video and other content which could be organized into conversations right within one’s inbox. It ultimately failed as it simply became one more email folder with unread content.

Google Search

Decades ago there were multiple search engines that could be used to find specific internet content. Launching over 20 years ago, Google Search is now the most widely used search engine around the world. Google’s algorithm results in more relevant search results helping propel the company to the top in this area.

Google Video

In an attempt to compete with YouTube, Google Video first debuted over a decade ago. The service turned television broadcasts into transcripts which could be searched for specific content. Later, they also supported video uploads and sharing which the transcript capabilities slipped away. While this attempt to be a key player in video content, simply purchasing YouTube outright worked better for the tech giant.

Google continues to develop new products including the upcoming Google Yeti which is a gaming streaming service which can be used on its Chromecast devices or potentially a new Google designed gaming console. As the world awaits the service’s official release, will it prove to be a hit or one of Google’s misses?

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